Top tips when packing your items.....

o   Always use good quality, dry boxes to pack your stuffs.  You can collection in person at the store.
o   Don’t try and put too much stuff in your boxes as this can lead to boxes splitting and items getting damaged or making them too heavy to move.  Use small boxes for heavy stuff and larger boxes for light stuff.
o   Label boxes clearly to help you find items when you need them and use fragile tape to seal up any boxes with breakables in.
o   Use bubble or corrugated protection for fragile stuff to help prevent damage and seal with fragile tape.
o   Tissue paper is great for wrapping up glasses and china to help stop it getting chipped, don’t use newspaper as the prink can mark sruff.
o   It is always better to put your heavy stuff on the bottom in your storage unit with lighter ones on top.  Planning how you pack your room will save you time in the future when trying to find stuff.
o   If storing a fridge or freezer make sure its thoroughly defrosted and clean first and that you store it with the doors open to stop the build-up of mould/mildew.
o   Never store wet or damp stuff in your room as these will lead to mould that can spread to other stuff in your room.
o   Never store food in your room as perished foods will cause mould and rot and effect other items in your room.
o   Any outdoor or gardening equipment should be cleaned before storing and any mowers or engines should be empty of petrol before storing.
o   Try and avoid stacking stuff against the walls as it will hamper ventilation.
o   Don’t leave heavy stuff on sofas as this can damage the springs.